Anki Overdrive Starter Kit is a robotic car system aimed at creating a new toy category which merges scalextric racing style with the Mario Kart-esque computer games elements. The anki overdrive starter kit is definitely the future of battle and race, it brings futuristic battle and racing to life. Using a mobile device and an application from the common markets you can easily command real robotic Supercars on epic battlefields which you can construct in seconds. The overdrive gives one of the best toy racing experiences currently available.

Anki Overdrive Starterkit CarsThe Anki Overdrive Starter Kit comes with a couple of awesome cars and some pieces of tracks of which four are straights six are curved and a pair of raisers, from these tracks and the pair of raisers you can build eight layouts. Putting the track together has been simplified since each end has been loaded with magnets it can easily be done using one hand.

With time the participant will have to apply his skills into the overdrive by probably customizing the Supercars speed, weapons, and defenses through in-game upgrades in order to give the competitor an upper hand in a race.

It goes without a say how awesome it is to challenge your opponents in a variety of game modes or rather go head-to-head with AI controlled Commanders in a quest to emerge a champion of an Anki overdrive Tournament.

The Anki overdrive track can handle a maximum of four cars at a single moment, you have an option of either involving your opponents whom should have a smart device each and race head-to- head if you are lonesome then you have an option of controlling one car and set up the other three into AI mode to act as your opponents in the race. The default race is a 15 lap race however you can increase or reduce the number of laps according to your wish. You can also switch into one of three other game modes each with variants.

It is an awesome experience where just before the race the supercars each loaded with an infra-red camera ought to take a scan lap where it communicates with the layout of the race application. An image of your hoisted track appears progressively on-screen. The cars then drive themselves to the starting line.

Anki Drive Cars Racing

The race will obviously start with countdown after which the race begins. You are to control the car using a smart device may it be an android device or iOS. The Anki overdrive comes with a video gaming offer, Mario Kart-esque gameplay. The controls also gives you fire fake weapons, like plasma cannons aimed at the other cars. As you use the weapons given you will see the car lights flash. The handsets vibrate giving it a more real experience. Shots deplete off your car’s energy which if runs empty will cause your vehicle to stall temporarily. More to weaponry a tractor beam which helps one slow opponents’ vehicles

The toy has a variety of other modes among them and a battle mode king of the hill mode.

The Anki overdrive also gives you a chance to buy extra cars, also buy extra track, extra lengths, curved pieces, banks, elevation kits and, a launch kit.

If you enjoy racing episodes then you should purchase the kit it is a thrill.

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